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Written by admin on April 11, 2021 in Uncategorized

Basic Functions of Packaging

Our life and production are inseparable from packaging, because packaging has multiple functions, which can be roughly summarized as the following three basic functions.

(1) Function of Protection

The protective function of packaging is the most basic and also the most important function. First, it should be able to protect products from quality and quantity damage or loss in the logistics process. In the process of commodity circulation, the factors that cause damage to it are temperature, humidity, gas, radiation, microorganisms, insects, rodents, etc., which may damage the packaging and harm the product; during the transportation, loading, unloading, and storage of the commodity, due to man-made factors If the factors are handled carelessly or improperly, the product may be damaged by shock, vibration, drop, or crushed due to excessive stacking. Therefore, it is necessary to use the most appropriate materials, reasonably designed packaging containers and technology according to the form, characteristics, transportation environment, sales links and other factors of different products to give the packaging sufficient protection functions to protect the safety of the products. Second, use special packaging for dangerous goods, and take care to prevent them from harming the surrounding environment, people and living things (Figure 1-7).

Figure 1-7: Special packaging for dangerous goods

(2) Function of Convenience

Modern commodity packaging can bring people a lot of convenience, which plays an important role in improving work efficiency and quality of life. The convenient function of packaging should be reflected in the following aspects

① Convenient production: Packaging should meet the needs of mechanization, specialization and automation of production enterprises, taking into account resource capacity and production costs, so that the two can be organically matched to improve labour productivity.

②Convenient storage and transportation: For the quality and volume (size, shape, etc.) of each packaging container, the convenient loading and unloading of various means of transportation and stacking should be considered; the weight of manual loading and unloading goods should generally not exceed 20kg; at the same time; We must also consider storage during the circulation process, storage and stacking methods in stores and residences, shelf display effects, consumer indoor furnishings, and storage.

③Easy to use: Appropriate packaging should make consumers feel convenient when opening, using, storing and storing. For example, cartons, cans, spray packaging, portable packaging, etc. sealed with tape, use concise language or diagrams to explain precautions and usage methods to consumers for easy use (Figure 1-8)

Figure 1-8: Easy-to-use and easy-to-open packaging design

④Convenient disposal: Refers to the reuse and recycling of some packaging, such as the turnover boxes of various materials, the glass bottles of beer and beverages, and the recycling and reuse of packaging waste (paper packaging, wood packaging, metal packaging, etc.). Conducive to saving resources and protecting the environment. As shown in Figure 1-9, the creative design of egg packaging. The designer’s goal is to design innovative packaging that uses a small amount of materials. It is folded from a carton. Put the egg into the oval cut. Consumers can put eggs through the upper turning point.

Figure 1-9: Environmental protection egg packaging design

(3) Function of Sales

Packaging is like a silent salesman. Good packaging can attract the attention of consumers and stimulate the desire to buy. The sales function of packaging is realized through packaging design. Excellent packaging design, with its exquisite shape, reasonable structure, eye-catching trademarks, appropriate text and bright colours, directly stimulates consumers’ desire to purchase and leads to purchase behaviour. Some packaging also has potential value, such as beautiful and suitable packaging containers, which can be used to hold other items after the contents are used up. Uniquely shaped containers and exquisitely printed decorations can not only increase product prices and promote product sales, but also can be used as art appreciation collections.

Modern packaging designs often have protection, convenience and sales functions at the same time, such as PUMA.

The creative packaging of smart shoe boxes has made great efforts in environmental protection. In 2012, PUMA officially announced the launch of the new packaging project “clever little bag”. Anyone who purchases PUMA shoes gets a reusable eco-friendly shoe bag, which can just hold a five-sided box-shaped hard cardboard, without additional wrapping paper such as butter paper. It is said that in addition to saving 65% of the paper material used in traditional shoe boxes, each package saves at least 60% of fuel consumption every year during transportation, storage and manufacturing (Figure 1-10).

Figure 1-10: PUMA Smart Shoebox Packaging Creative Design
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