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Custom Gift Box Manufacturer

We are a custom gift box manufacturer in Dongguan, China. We manufacture all kinds of stunning gift boxes for different industries. Let's make the perfect gift box for your products today.
Fully Customizable
Any size, material, colour, printing, finishing, logo, etc. All features of gift boxes can be customized to fit your products perfectly.
Excellent Craftwork
With our rich production experience and skilful employees, we know how to deliver gift boxes of quality and beauty.
Cost Effective
We have the experience and knowledge to make every cent count. Get a competitive supplier to support your business today!
Small MOQ
MOQ depends. We offer small-MOQ production. Talk to us and get a solution for your projects. We're always happy to hear and advise.
Quality Assurance
With our mature quality-control system, we always deliver gift boxes of quality. We know how important it is to your brand.
Fast Delivery
We work on a fast and efficient base. And you're working directly with a manufacturer. You can simply expect fast delivery.

Why Choose Us


You are involved in the very beginning. As a professional gift box manufacturer, we listen to you carefully. We value your ideas and feedback, based on which we adjust the course of design, testing, prototyping, mass production, and delivery.

In one word, you're in complete control of your projects.


We're an experienced manufacturer of gift boxes. As a matter of fact, we know how to

  • be cost-effective
  • produce good-quality gift boxes
  • deliver on time

We try every bit of effort to organize the best resources to produce the packaging for your products. We value your business as much as we value ours.

Who We Are

Located in Dongguan City China, we are a professional custom gift box manufacturer which provides packaging solutions for businesses all over the world.

Our main products are Rigid Gift Boxes, Paper Tube Boxes(Round Boxes), Wooden Boxes, Tin Boxes, etc.

We proudly serve the global markets of jewellery, watch, cosmetic, perfume, gift, cigar, wine, food, daily necessities, apparel, home appliance, toy, etc.

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By email, we will send respond to your inquiries, and/or other requests or questions.

General Questions

Who and where are you?

We are a packaging manufacturer, which is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong, China.

What is your lead time?

  • 1 week for sample.
  • 4 weeks for mass production.
  • Shipment depends.

These are the typical lead time in most scenarios. Let's talk if you have a tight delivery schedule.

What Is MOQ?

It really depends.

Get in touch. We can give you some advise no matter what quantity you want to start with.

What can be customized?

Almost anything you can think of a gift box can be customized.

  • Material(Cardboard, all kinds of paper, plastic, etc)
  • Structure(lid and bottom box, drawer box, book style box, foldable box, flap box, etc.)
  • Size
  • Colour
  • Printing(CMYK, Solid Colour, Silk-Screen, etc)
  • Finishing(lamination, varnishing, embossing, debossing, UV coating, foil, etc)
  • Others

Let us know what is in your mind and we can give you a cool solution.

Do you have ready-made gift boxes?

Yes, for some kinds. Get in touch and we will let you know the availability.

By the way, it's NOT expensive to customize your own gift box. Customized packaging has perfect features for your products. It's perfect for branding.

Quotation is free of charge, why not?

How can I get a quote?

We need to know as much info as possible, such as size, box type, printing, finishing, quantity, shipment method,etc.

If you don't have a clear clue for the moment, no worries. Let's touch base and we will guide you through.

You can simply leave a message by filling the form above and we will be in touch soon:)

Can I visit your factory?

Surely yes, you're always welcome. Let's show you around!

Get The Most Out Of a Gift Box Manufacturer

Maybe you want to learn something about gift boxes before making the perfect packaging for your products.
A good gift box does not only protect the item(s) inside of it but also presents the item(s) beautifully, which adds additional value. In other words, a good gift box delivers both the product and the proper message from you to the end consumer.  It does speak for you and your products!
When it comes to making the perfect gift box for your product(s), it's all about choosing the right material, construction, finishing, accessories, and most important of all, the right gift box manufacturer, who does all for you.
automated gift box manufacturing machine

automated gift box manufacturing machine

Materials of Gift Box

Gift boxes can be made of paper (cardboard), metal, wood, bamboo, plastic, artificial leather ( we don't use real leather, we're a cruelty-free company), fabric, foam, or a combination of any of the above.

Main Materials

  • Paper (cardboard)

    It is the most commonly used material of all and the best choice for most industries and products. Because it's cost-effective, sustainable,  and friendly for both small and large production runs. Gift boxes made of paper(cardboard) is also known as rigid boxes

  • Metal (Tin)

    It is firm, cost-effective, and good airtightness. As a result, it is great for products like food, cosmetics, etc. It is a very eco-friendly material as a tin box can be re-used as a container for small items in daily life.

  • Wood

    It is the choice for high-end and luxury products, as it's thick, firm, compatible with many luxury finishing processes. 

  • Plastic

    It is firm and cost-effective. It does not need much assembling work. It must be coated with paper and leather on top, as the raw plastic looks awful. In most cases,  it is used for hinged jewellery boxes. By the way, plastic is not eco-friendly.

Paper (cardboard) is unquestionably the most common and the best choice for most gift boxes, as it has the most variants and the most finishing styles. It's also the most customizable material. It also becomes more and more popular as sustainability is getting more and more important.

Subordinate Materials

  • Artificial Leather

    For high-end and luxury products; Acts as the coating material on top; Works with cardboard, wood and plastic, etc.

  • Fabric

    Elegant and nice; Acts as coating and decorative material as well.

  • Foam

    Often referred to as EVA and sponge; Works as the insert to fasten the product in gift boxes.

Besides the materials listed above, we have full access to almost any material you want.

Inserts (or Inlays) of Gift Box

Inserts keep the product in place and protect the product. Common materials are cardboard, foam(sponge, EVA),  fabric, pulp or a combination of any of the above.
  • Cardboard Insert
    • Cost-effective and elegant.
    • Not for delicate and fragile products as it's hard.
  • Sponge
    • It has different density levels, such as #324, #329, etc. The higher level, the higher density and the higher cost.
    • Cost-effective.
    • Great protection for fragile products.
  • EVA
    • Good strength but also soft.
    • Good protection for fragile products.
  • Fabric
    • Often acts as coating material and comes with the materials listed above.
  • Pulp
    • Made from tree, bamboo, sugar cane or a mix of any of the above.
    • Very sustainable and eco-friendly.
    • High set-up cost, not cost-effective for small production runs.
The material choice depends on what product it holds. In most scenarios, we need the physical product to make the best cutting on the insert.

Constructions of Gift Box

Lid & Base Gift Box

It is the most commonly seen gift box construction as it's easy to manufacture and cost-effective as well as it gives a feeling of “straight forward".
The lid is usually bigger than the base considering cardboard thickness. Otherwise, it should come with a “neck", which makes the gift box more elegant as the lid and the base are in the same external dimensions of length and width. As an additional process, the “neck" brings the cost up a bit.
In some cases, the “neck" is necessary as it lowers the height of the base, which presents the product nicely when the gift box is opened.
A gift box with a “neck" is called a 3-piece gift box.
lid&base box with neck

lid&base box with neck

Book-Style Gift Box

It's also known as Flap Box because it has a flap. It opens like a book and usually comes with magnetic closure.  Book-style gift box is an elegant choice for products that shipped laid. Therefore, when the box is opened, the product is presented in a very nice way. Great user experience!

Collapsible Gift Box

It's the collapsible version of a book-style gift box. But it costs more labor.  As a result, it has a higher production cost but a lower shipping cost and warehousing cost. 

Drawer Gift Box

It looks and works just like a drawer. And it's a special (laid down) version of  “Lid & Base Gift Box" with a ribbon handle for opening. The drawer box has a natural sense of mystery as the “drawer" is the place where people usually keep the treasure. So it's ideal for special gift packaging.

Round Gift Box

It's the round shape version of the Lid & Base Gift Box, made from paper (cardboard) tubes.  As the production process is very much mechanized and less labor is involved, the cost is usually lower and the production lead time is usually shorter than a typical square or rectangle gift box. It's ideal for the packaging of food, cosmetics, gifts, etc.

Double Door Gift Box

It is a very special construction that presents the product in a premium way. It works exactly like a “treasure box". As it costs much labor, the cost is usually higher than other gift boxes. It's fantastic for high-end (luxury) products.

Heart Gift Box

In most cases, gift boxes are for retail packaging. But the heart gift box is for gift packaging in most scenarios. It conveys a message that the gift is prepared by heart and for someone in heart. Great for flowers, chocolate, and other gifts.

Special-Shaped Gift Box

Besides the construction listed above, there are many other different constructions, such as pentagon, hexagon, letter-shaped, etc. As a gift box manufacturer, we can produce any kinds of gift box that fits your product perfectly.

Printing Processes of Gift Box

The most well-known printing process for gift boxes is, undoubtedly Offset Printing. And then comes Silk-screen printing. Compared to silk-screen printing, offset printing is efficient, high printing quality, and cost-effective.  The offset process only works on paper, while silk-screen printing works on almost any surface. The offset process prints a very vivid and colorful image while the silk-screen process can print only 1 color at 1 run.  
There are 2 color systems for offset printing: CMYK and PMS (Pantone Matching System). CMYK is cost-effective and flexible for colourful content, while Pantone works better for a color block in a single color as it's solid. As a professional gift box manufacturer, we can hit at least 90% similarity with CMYK and 95% with Pantone.
UV printing and digital printing are less used but they are also printing choices depending on what effects you're looking for. UV printing is much more expensive than offset printing but it works on a wider range of material than just paper. Digital printing is more cost-effective for small production runs of gift boxes.

Finishing Processes of Gift Box

Proper finishing brings a gift box up to another level. Commonly used finishing processes are listed below,
  • Lamination: A thin plastic layer coated on top of the paper to protect the ink as well as to generate a matt or glossy look; Anti-scratch lamination is advised if the gift box is big and in dark colors as scratches are more likely to happen; Works the most with coated art paper;  Bio-degradable lamination material is getting more and more popular nowadays.
  • Varnishing: A thin oil layer coated on top of the paper to protect the ink; Works the most with kraft paper; Matt or glossy. 
  • Texture Embossing: “Transforms" paper into another form of material, for example, you can feel wood or linen when you run your fingers on the paper if you choose the proper texture pattern.
  • Spot UV: Spot glossy area which makes the content “pop up" to generate a 3D effect; Great for emphasized content.
  • Foil: Metallic finishing; Matt or glossy;
  • Embossing & Debossing: Generates 3D effects of “pop-up" or “sinking".
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