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WHY IS PAPER PACKAGING THE NEW TREND NOW? As our world becomes more developed over the years, businesses are also adapting to it. But, what is this new and trendy packaging circulating, and many businesses are switching to this trend? Plastics are out, and papers are in! Many businesses are now switching from their old […]

All About Rigid Boxes You Want To Know

All About Rigid Boxes You Want To Know Here at Max Bright Packaging, we believe in quality over convenience. When a business needs a decent way to package its products, we provide only the best. After all, if a company goes the extra mile and uses high-quality boxes for their items, you know that they […]

Future Packaging Trends

Future Packaging Trends With the rapid development of science and technology, market competition has become increasingly fierce, economic and resource contradictions have become increasingly prominent, and the struggle between globalization and regionalization has never stopped. Where will the packaging industry go in the future? At present, developing packaging, protecting the environment, promoting the sustainable development […]

Basic Functions of Packaging

Basic Functions of Packaging Our life and production are inseparable from packaging, because packaging has multiple functions, which can be roughly summarized as the following three basic functions. (1) Function of Protection The protective function of packaging is the most basic and also the most important function. First, it should be able to protect products […]

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